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Jerusalem's Terrible Night Sounds
by Judy Lash Balint
September 9, 2003

Yes--I'm "OK"--as if anyone can be OK when you hear the sound of people being blown up in your neighborhood. I was not sitting at Cafe Hillel just 7 minutes walk from my apartment tonight. I was there this morning instead...enjoying a cup of coffee and the relaxed mood of this fairly new trendy coffee bar on Emek Refayim.

The sirens are still reverberating through the night as more than 40 of the injured are sped away in ambulances to local hospitals. Four dead so far...The glass walls of Cafe Hillel blown away, stunned people sitting injured in the street and the lives of those who a few short minutes ago were enjoying a simple evening out, now snuffed out.

It's past midnight and no one in the neighborhood is asleep. The smell, the sights and sounds are too overpowering. The cowardly bastard filled with hatred who saw the destruction of a cafe full of young Jews as the culmination of his destiny is gone from the world---but wait, today Israel's Coordinator of
Government Activities in the Territories allowed 3,000 Arabs into Israel to work despite the general closure....

Pray for the victims and for the sanity of our leaders.