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Date Title
September 15, 2011Jerusalem Diaries now on Blogspot
March 19, 2010Countdown to Passover in Israel
October 15, 2009Looking for a Good Date??
September 25, 2009Approaching the Big Day...
September 17, 2009Ready for the New Year
July 30, 2009The Call of Jerusalem: Tisha B'Av 5769
July 5, 2009July 4: Entebbe, 33 years on
May 21, 2009Jerusalem Day 2009
April 28, 2009Remembering. Again.
April 21, 2009Enough Ceremony...
March 29, 2009Twenty Ways You Know Pesach is Coming in Israel
March 9, 2009A Day Later...Shushan Purim
January 26, 2009"It'll Take a While..."
December 23, 2008Chanukah Jerusalem-style
November 24, 2008Inspiration Takes Many Forms
October 21, 200816 Ways You Know Sukkot is Coming to Jerusalem...
October 9, 2008Day of No Traffic Lights
October 6, 2008Erev Erev Yom Kippur 2008
September 23, 2008The Run Up to The New Year
September 2, 2008Weird Happenings in and around Jerusalem
August 10, 2008Tisha B'Av 2008
August 7, 2008Yearning for the Land
July 17, 2008Heroes 1947, 2008
July 2, 2008My Jerusalem Bus Line
June 11, 2008A Jerusalem Shavuot
June 1, 2008Yom Yerushalayim '08
May 13, 2008What's Going on Here?
May 6, 2008Anticipation...
May 1, 2008The Little Ironies of Israeli Life
April 25, 2008Those Pesky Passover Days
April 14, 2008Twenty Ways You Know Passover is Coming in Israel
March 19, 2008Corrie Anniversary Brings More Revisionist History
March 7, 2008Mercaz Harav
February 15, 2008Israel's Big Bad Barricade
January 30, 2008A Watershed Moment?
January 23, 2008Tu B'Shvat Washout
January 21, 2008Winter Time Observations
January 10, 2008Day 2: Democracy at work: Mid-East Style
January 9, 2008Total Disruption. Thanks, G.W
December 11, 2007Lights in Action
October 9, 2007
September 30, 2007Sukkot Pain and Gain
September 25, 200716 ways You Know Sukkot is Coming to Jerusalem
September 19, 2007Erev, erev Yom Kippur
September 12, 2007Rosh Hashana: How We Do It Here
September 10, 2007The New Aliya
July 24, 2007Remembering our National Tragedies
July 13, 2007The Last Jews of Libya
July 3, 2007Remembering Entebbe: A Message for Today?
June 28, 2007Comic Relief, Israel Style
May 29, 2007The Russians Have Come...
May 23, 2007Shavuot: Catching on?
May 15, 2007Celebrating 40 years
May 3, 2007Olmert, Go Home...
April 30, 2007New release--Jerusalem Diaries II: What's Really Happening in Israel
April 22, 2007Winds of Remembrance
April 16, 2007Enough Ceremony
April 9, 2007The Festivities Continue...
April 1, 2007"We survived Pharoah..."
March 4, 2007Purim Bus Ride
February 19, 2007From Mexico to Tekoa and Jerusalem
February 5, 2007Women of Valor
January 30, 2007Moving On in Sderot
January 16, 2007Passing of a Jewish Hero
January 9, 2007Variations on Simcha
December 25, 2006Letter from Bethlehem: Christmas 2006
December 21, 2006A Little Light...
December 17, 2006Does This Happen Anywhere Else??
December 7, 2006Pardon My Decadence
November 26, 2006Diversity and Discoveries
November 20, 2006Those Magnificent Young Men
November 12, 2006Inspiration
October 29, 2006Transitions
October 3, 2006You Know it's Sukkot in Jerusalem Because...
September 27, 2006Erev Yom Kippur 2006
September 20, 2006Sights, Sounds and Smells
September 13, 2006From Ballard to Raanana
August 21, 2006On assignment
August 10, 2006Northern reality
August 7, 2006The North
August 3, 2006Tisha B'Av: Reviving a Jerusalem Tradition
July 31, 2006The Ultimate Commitment: Benjy Hillman z"l
July 30, 2006Seattle Reaction
July 21, 2006Benjy Hillman, z"tl. Hero of Israel
July 16, 2006Closing In, Again
July 13, 2006Israelis Back in Bomb Shelters
July 10, 2006"And Behold There Came a Great Wind..."
July 6, 2006Despite the News....
June 29, 2006Funeral of "The Settler"
June 27, 2006Former Mossad Head: "Hamas Could Implode"
June 15, 2006Sleepless in Sderot
June 1, 2006Living the Contradiction
May 25, 2006Song & Poetry Mark Jerusalem Day
May 5, 2006Celebration, Reflection, Commemoration Converge
April 28, 2006Yom Hashoah--Part II
April 25, 2006Yom Hashoah--Part 1
April 20, 2006Ethnic Israel
April 14, 2006'Twas the Morning Before Pesach...
April 12, 2006'Twas the Morning Before Passover...
April 9, 2006Pesach As Usual?
March 28, 2006Working the Polls-Israel Style
March 8, 2006Purim and Beyond
February 13, 2006Tu B'Shvat Here and There
February 1, 2006Secular Israeli Support for Hebron--No Media Coverage
January 22, 2006Ramallah--Where the Money's Going
January 21, 2006The Secret Weapon of the Palestine Authority
January 5, 2006They Know Why Sharon Had A Stroke
January 2, 20068th Night Chanuka Blowout in Jerusalem
December 28, 2005The Last Immigrants of 2005
December 21, 2005Bethlehem: A Calculated Risk
December 10, 2005The Bad Fence
December 2, 2005Celebrating the Zionist festival
November 30, 2005Starting Over at 86
November 23, 2005The Spirit of Gush Katif: Don't Let It Get Washed Away
November 16, 2005Palestinians in Suits
October 13, 2005Day of No Traffic Lights
October 9, 2005The Real Reasons for Making Aliya
October 1, 2005Welcome Home!
September 19, 2005Sisters??
September 11, 2005It's All Related
September 6, 2005LA Demolishes Gehry Buildings: Jerusalem Invests $150M to Build One
August 25, 2005This Too is Israel
August 18, 2005And Now....
August 17, 2005Our Black Day--So Far
August 16, 2005What Ordinary Israelis Are Doing to Try to Help
August 14, 2005Mourning The Destruction, Tisha B'Av 2005
August 10, 2005One Week To Go
August 2, 2005I'd Rather Be In Machane Yehudah..
July 25, 2005In The 'Hood
July 18, 2005Off to the South. Parts 1 & 2
July 14, 2005An Emotional Homecoming
July 7, 2005Jerusalem Post now hosting Jerusalem Diaries Blog
June 17, 2005Israeli Writers for Peace
June 13, 2005Shavuot 2005
June 8, 2005Jordan: Jews "attack" Temple Mount
June 5, 2005Celebrate Jerusalem! Parts 1 & 2
May 26, 2005Lag B'Omer is here...
May 12, 2005Did You Miss It? Israel's 57th Birthday Bash...
May 5, 2005Yom Hashoah V'Hagvurah 2005
April 22, 2005Petty Criminals 1: Jerusalem Cops 0
April 18, 2005Eighteen ways You Know Pesach is Coming to Jerusalem
April 12, 2005Forgotten Hero?
April 7, 2005Israel's Unlikely Ally
March 24, 2005Recycling Torah Scrolls
March 2, 2005Arrivals: Svietka Rivilis.
February 18, 2005Holy Work in the Holy City
February 16, 2005Mind Numbing Cultural Exchange
January 30, 2005Taking to the Streets Against Unilateral Retreat
January 19, 2005London Jewish Paper Uses EU Spokesperson as Israel Columnist--Without Telling Readers Who He Works For.
January 16, 2005Israelis Wrestle With Fence Around Jerusalem
January 6, 2005What Really Happened in 1948?
December 29, 2004Coming Home
December 25, 2004The Season to Be Jolly--In The Holy Land
December 16, 2004Beduin Who Fight and Die for Israel
December 13, 2004Making a New Life
December 8, 2004A Brit Who Gets It
December 3, 2004Jerusalem Summit Suggests Alternative to UN
November 24, 2004Look Who's Dreaming Now
November 17, 2004Come Hear Judy at Kol Emeth, Palo Alto, CA
October 17, 2004Only in Jerusalem
October 10, 2004"You Don't Make Mistakes in Israel.."
September 26, 2004You Know It's Sukkot in Jerusalem Because...
September 24, 2004The Day Before the Day of Reckoning
September 14, 2004Blues and Reds in Israel
August 19, 2004On Vacation
July 26, 2004Reviving a Tradition
July 25, 2004The Hope, The Human Chain
July 24, 2004You're Not in Kansas Any More
July 12, 2004Can Mashiach Be Far Behind?
July 4, 2004"And There Was English Heard In The Land..."
June 24, 2004The Ingrates
June 10, 2004Mistrial, Israeli Style
May 26, 2004The River
May 12, 2004Women at War
April 28, 2004Remembering David
April 25, 2004Palm Beach East
April 19, 2004Full Cycle
April 14, 2004Half and Half
April 2, 200418 Ways You Know Pesach is Coming to Jerusalem
March 30, 2004Hope vs Despair
March 21, 2004What Would Yosl Say?
March 15, 2004Perspectives
February 22, 2004Cafe Hillel Delivers
February 18, 2004Morning Coffee
February 4, 2004One Week Later
January 26, 2004Understanding Israel
January 18, 2004All Together Now
January 11, 2004Deja Vu at Tel Aviv Rally?
January 4, 2004A Few Things
December 23, 2003Peace, Love and Light
November 17, 2003From the GA
November 5, 2003Remembering Rachel
November 2, 2003Leaving an Impression
October 29, 2003Changes
October 20, 2003Acharei Ha-Chagim
October 7, 2003Reflections
October 3, 2003All In A Jerusalem Morning
October 2, 2003Look Who's Policing Israel's Borders
September 21, 2003Holydays Here and There
September 13, 2003Reverberations
September 10, 2003From the Valley of the Giants (Emek Refayim)
September 9, 2003Jerusalem's Terrible Night Sounds
September 7, 2003Coming Back
July 20, 2003The Walk
July 14, 2003Oh What A Relief It Is!
July 9, 2003Welcoming New Israelis
June 29, 2003Books, Books, Books
June 25, 2003Redress, Justice?
June 17, 2003Postponements
June 14, 2003The Shabbat After
June 11, 2003Present and Accounted For?
June 4, 2003We Aren't Tired--Are We??
May 30, 2003A Strange Day
May 28, 2003What To Believe?
May 7, 2003Did You Miss the Biggest Jewish Party in the World ?
May 3, 2003Coping
April 13, 2003Seventeen Ways You Know Passover Is Coming in Jerusalem
April 6, 2003The People You Meet
April 3, 2003Peace Activists in the Middle East: Out of Their Depth
March 20, 2003Dealing With It
March 11, 2003Points of View
February 7, 2003What A Country!
January 29, 2003Working The Polls
January 23, 2003Getting To Know You
January 19, 2003Going South?
January 3, 2003Day by Day
December 17, 2002Sur Baher Revisited
December 10, 2002Getting Ready
December 5, 2002Manpower!
December 2, 2002A New Song, A New Light
November 27, 2002Look Who's Rallying...
November 22, 2002The Aftermath
November 15, 2002All In A Week
November 4, 2002Bring My Sons from Afar and My Daughters from the ends of the Earth
September 30, 2002Gas Masks In The Closet?
September 26, 2002Memory
September 19, 2002You Know It's Sukkot In Israel Because.....
September 15, 2002Our Contribution
September 5, 2002Who Cares About Har Habayit?
August 30, 2002The News That's Fit to Print?
August 9, 2002The S. Word
July 29, 2002Reminders of Home
July 6, 2002A Reawakening
June 26, 2002Media Notes
June 20, 2002Condolences
June 10, 2002Media Notes
June 6, 2002Deja Vu
May 26, 2002Bar Mitzvah Special
May 22, 2002Four Days and Four Nights
April 25, 2002Leaving Home
April 20, 2002Looking in from the Outside
April 7, 2002Sunday, Sunday...
April 2, 2002The Thunder of War
March 28, 2002A Blood-Stained Passover
March 24, 200215 Ways You Know Pesach is Coming in Jerusalem
March 22, 2002Living!
March 18, 2002Returning Home
February 27, 2002Purim retrospective
February 14, 2002They Speak For Us??
February 1, 2002Rays of Hope
January 28, 2002Inside Sur Baher
January 22, 2002Fear vs. Justice
January 13, 2002The Compassionate Ones
January 7, 2002From the Heavens
December 20, 2001Coping With the Lull
December 8, 2001One Week After
December 2, 2001In the Shadow of Death
November 24, 2001KGB: Thanks For the Memories
November 15, 2001Sigd: The Zionist Festival
November 4, 2001Just Another Normal Jerusalem Day?
October 11, 2001The Real Jerusalem
October 4, 2001The Fullness of a Day in Israel
September 13, 2001Welcome to Israel
August 27, 2001Europeans in the Middle East: Assistance or Interference?
August 12, 2001Inside Orient House
July 3, 2001Remembering Entebbe
July 2001Tisha B'Av 5761
June 20, 2001Where in the World?
June 10, 2001Davka!
June 6, 2001Girding for War
May 29, 2001Shavuot, Jerusalem Style
May 21, 2001Day of the Knitted Kipot
May 11, 2001Journalists Behaving Badly
May 10, 2001Remembrance and Independence
May 3, 2001Holding Up Under Fire
April 20, 2001The Road to Jerusalem
April 8, 2001Surviving the Red Sea
April 6, 2001Shalhevet's Funeral
April 6, 2001Last Minute Details
February 25, 2001Palestinian Harassment of Journalists
January 2001Celebrating the Zionist festival
December 6, 2000Spirit of the People
November 10, 2000More Than Just a Bar Mitzvah