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A Selection of Popular Feedback

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"I receive many emails from Israel and from friends traveling in Israel, which I always appreciate, but yours really was gripping. I took the liberty of forwarding it to about 150 people (jewish and non-jewish) and it has really had an impact - anyway , just wanted you to know what an impact it had on so many."
- Iantha Sidell, Seattle, WA.

"As a longtime friend of Judy Lash Balint, and one intimately involved with the Jewish community, I recommend Jerusalem Diaries as a must read for anyone who seeks more knowledge about the political situation in Israel.

On a professional level, as a Vice President of one of the world's largest Public Relations firms, I am in awe of her writing abilities and uncanny ability to communicate major issues of the Jewish world in such an eloquent and exciting manner through her gift with words. She is just an amazing writer and I look forward to seeing her next volume."
- Ronn D. Torossian, New York, NY.

"I was deeply moved by Judy Lash Balint's reflections on her visit to the family of Vadim Norzhich. That two innocent reserve soldiers were brutally lynched, while the entire world looked on, is shocking just as news. The tragedy becomes personal, however, when we read about the victim and the family who mourns him. Ms. Balint's article helped to make Vadim more than the lifeless body we saw thrown from the second-story window of the Ramallah police station."
- Debbie Berliner, Fortuna, CA.

"I liked both your pieces very much. You have a very nice touch."
- Jonathan Rosenblum, Jerusalem Post columnist.

"I love your feisty, informed, unabashed opinions. Too rare among women."
- Rochelle Distelheim (author), Chicago, Il.

"After I read your latest piece about what it felt like to go get your gas mask, it occurred to me that there is a difference between you and most everyone else who makes aliyah. You all no doubt have similiar experiences. You, however, know how to write about them. Your 'slice of life' accounts of making aliyah possess the rare quality of being able to simultaneously stimulate the intellect, spark the imagination and push all sorts of emotional buttons. They crackle with clarity and truth."
- Kent Swigard, Seattle, WA

"Your writing is beautiful and uplifting. Thank you!"
- Dr. Miriam Adahan, Jerusalem

"Judy, thank you for writing this wonderful article, (The Spirit of the People). It touched my heart and brought me hope."
- Uziel Weingarten, Los Angeles, CA

"Your work is SO GOOD! You write beautifully and movingly."
- Susan Rosenbluth (editor), The Jewish Voice, Englewood, N.J

"I'm just letting you know that your writings touch my heart and the hearts of all who read them. I make copies and give them to my staff at school regularly. They become the lead into our daily tehillim (Psalms). I'm sorry that there has been so much to write about lately. I wish it were quieter. May you continue to give us words of inspiration and help us to see the picture clearly."
- Aviva Yablok, Teaneck, N.J

"I love the way you write. It's so real and immediate. I feel as though I was there with you."
- Helen Freedman, New York

"I do get tired of email, but I never tire of reading yours. Your words go right to my mind in visions that help me understand and remember."
- Rabbi David S. Levin, Queens, N.Y

"I *loved* your story! Who needs television when you have that?"
- Kevin Roddy, Hawaii

"Your articles are moving and powerful. I send them to everyone I know. They touch all who read them. They inspire the activists and push the observer into action."
- Hillary Markowitz, Westchester, NY

"I really enjoyed your articles. You write so beautifully. They are very powerful, tear-provoking."
- Chaya Siegelbaum, Seattle, WA.

"Judy Lash Balint is simply an outstanding writer. She has total understanding of where she is and how to express it."
- Dr. Alon Mintz, Israel